Saturday, February 9, 2013

Today you are 5...

Hmmmm... Where do I start?

As we say hello to a whole new year of learning and excitement, I want to reflect on where we are at today.

Clothes - Mostly size 6's.  A few size 5 jeans, but for the most part you are in 6's.  Shoes are a size 12. 

Nicknames - you have shown you are very particular on being called Jacob.  Family can still call you J, but no one else may partake.  Monkey is still my primary nickname for you, but sometimes I also call you Bud.  Daddy generally sticks with J, Monkey, or Stinky.

Yes, you take serious offense to Stinky.  You take it so seriously, that I've shared the secret of my Grandpa Barger, who used to always claim he "stunk pretty".  It took a couple of minutes for you to wrap your mind about stinking pretty, but now that you have it - you just throw it back in Daddy's face if he calls you stinky.

School/Spelling - You are a Junior Kindergartner this year.  Your report card was full of +, S+ and S's with nothing less than an S.  Along with a note about what a pleasure you are to have in class.  You have shocked us all with your ability to learn spelling words so quickly, and in general retaining the knowledge you've learned.  You are quickly becoming a little reader.  We are so proud of you.  Math skills are progressing and you are shocking me with what you do daily.  You easily count to 100, and have entertained me on the way to school doing it several times now.

That said, learning is on your terms for the most part.  You have truly come into your own with wanting to be independent.  Recently, Mommy had to have a refresher course with Mrs. Bach about making sure she is giving you enough choices that you don't feel like I'm controlling your whole life.

We've made a good routine of your telling me about your day after school during dinner.  Most nights I'm home for dinner, but I do miss our dinners when I'm working late during close.

Structure - We are still loving Love & Logic.  You really do well when executed properly.  We still have moments of bad choices, but you prefer to be a good boy with such a big heart.

Ring Bearer - you were in not one, but two weddings this year.  First Miss Kristie & Joe's wedding, then Uncle Jon's and Aunt Kim's wedding.  You loved being a part of both events.  You did a great job in both.

My Buddy - We have enjoyed so many road trips this past year.  Mini-weekend trips to Michigan for Lake time.  The big trip was 19 hours to Marco Island.  You were AWESOME!  We may have had a meltdown on the way there, but coming home - you were AWESOME.  Grandpa & I were so shocked as we made the trip in one shot - driving thru the night.

Favorite Toy - From your birthday thru Halloween, you were a Spiderman boy.  The only problem is you don't really enjoy the show, and the more you learned, the less you really enjoyed of it.  Then around Christmas you met Power Rangers.  Ohmyword.  You LOVE them.  They are like mini transformers, what you thought you wanted Christmas, but as it turns out - are not ready for yet.  Power Ranger's though - they get the bad guys & they do it with cool fighting moves.  They protect the innocent.  You LOVE them.  And I love listening to you... You would practice all day, if I could let, doing your Super Samurai moves.  If I had to pick one toy - I'd say your Megazord is your all time favorite toy at this moment in time.

Books - We started chapter books this year.  First you read Black Beauty, then we started the Stink & Judy Moody series.  Reading with you at night is the best part of my day.  Your laughter is contagious. We have the best time exaggerating the silly parts to make them even funnier.  You have enjoyed participating in FRA's book read-a-thon's and fundraisers.  We have to work better at getting people to support you.

Sleeping - since I commented you had moved to our bed over year 3, I should mention - you've gone back to your own room in year 4.  In fact, you have started surprising us with sleeping through the night even some nights.  Most of the time you join us by 2AM.

Sports - you are still my athletic boy.  You ran a half marathon this year as part of a FRA fundraiser.  T-ball we did with Schererville's city league.  You prefered to chase the butterflies.  Soccer thru the Y though was an awesome experience, as is the basketball.  You have surprised me this year with what you retained in form and focus for basketball - year over year.  We shall see how you do in Soccer this year, as we elected to try that over tball for summer 2013.

And last but certainly not least... Mommy got bit on the butt for rejoicing in how healthy you've been.

Your singing chorus for your birthday is officially - "All I want for my birthday is a puke bucket, a puke bucket, a puke bucket.  All I want for my birthday is my tummy not hate me...  And then I could blow out my candles."   

I love you so much little man.  And Daddy & I are so looking forward to your 5th year... Hugs & Kisses.

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