Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Man Gifts for Grandparents

This year for Christmas, we decided to have J do keepsakes for his grandparents.  I was so excited about this idea.  I enlisted the help of Pinterest and our wonderful Miss Cheryl helped as well.

For my parents, we did picture mugs from Shutterfly.  I was able to take pictures over the past almost 5 years, and put together to compilations that were meant for each one, yet totally individualized. 

They LOVED them.  I'm excited to see them when they come home this summer.

For my in-laws, however, we went more in line with their interests.  My MIL is a HUGE baker - all from scratch. 

This was the end result & I could not have been happier. 
Nor could my in-laws.  My MIL truly loved this cookie / dessert plate. 
Thanks again to Miss Cheryl for her artistic writing around the sides of the plate.

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