Thursday, December 29, 2011

Closing the year..

I'd like to tell you I will post again this year, but honestly - I'm not sure.

We've loved my vacation. What's not to love about spending days preceeding Christmas in our favorite hotel of all times when we visit Disney! J loved Mickey's Christmas party & the added bonus of both grandparents joining us in Orlando to share in this trip for him... Such a wonderful treat!

With this trip came J making his first real wish. We were waiting for the Small World ride & Matt gave J a penny to toss in the water. He thought it was great & wanted to do it again, so I explained the ideas of wishing wells. Well this little guy surprised me! He held onto that penny & thought for the longest time. As we were finally getting to the start of the line he pulled on my shirt & had the best smile. "Mommy I made my wish!". Of course, I had to know what it was...

All I will say, as Mr. M said, a wish is to be private, it was thoughtful & earnest & totally heart breaking. I can honestly say my first thought when he concluded by saying "Love Jacob" was your wish is my prayer.

Right after returning Christmas was upon us, followed by post vacation catchup... 8 loads of laundry Monday. Tuesday we spent doing Holiday pictures postponed due to his nose/pink eye/sinus infection nonsense. Today was spent enjoying friendships & with plans to repeat more of that tomorrow...

So, yes I will wish a Happy New Year now & go back to my savoring of these next few days.

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