Friday, December 2, 2011

It's cold, but we are ready...

Snow flurries were flying Monday.  Yesterday it was 40's, but by Sunday we are supposed to be in the 30's with slush.

But J is ready!  He is so proud of his yellow coat he picked out personally.  He loves his matching hat & gloves, however, Mommy is cruelly acknowledging they will get lost if he takes them to school - so I'm saving all this cuteness for the weekends, favoring his cheap mittens & hat for everyday at school.  J is thankfully cool with it, since he loves him some Peanuts gang...   His school plays outside for recess as long as it is over 20 degrees.

He is so anxious to start wearing his boots to school, so he is ready for the snow.  Which, I have to be honest, makes me ready for it as well. 

Please ignore the empty pool behind J.  We have finally figured out what caused the leak, the seam cracked.  After a failed patch session, I learned seams cannot be patched.  :(  We knew we had to get a new liner, but at this point in the year, getting a new one only means, we will repeat the process in May when it warms up, as they cannot properly stretch the liner in our current temperatures. 

My Dad has given us a great idea as a quick fix for this winter, and we will be trying it, with the pool stores blessing, but we also know - if it fails, we will most likely be paying for two liners & installs.

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