Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Advent Time!

J & I have had so much fun this year celebrating Advent!  We've found a church we ADORE!  And so many fun Christian books, celebrating Jesus' birth in addition to Santa & J's favorite Elf "Chiminey". 

I'm spelling Chimney the way J is saying, because I think it is so sweet.

First up... The wonderful Advent Calendar my boss gave J this year.  She is so generous in sharing in J's celebrations, that when she gave this to me early this year, I was so touched.  It came with a wonderful selection of ideas on things to do with it...

Unfortunately, most of those have gone the wayside this year, but next year, I can plan for them & I'm so looking forward to it!

This year, I filled each cubby with an array of treats... From the Mott's Fruit Snacks to ornaments for our tree to Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips... I even caved and stuck in a few PEZ delights, much to J's complete & utter joy.
Miss Kathy also gave J a simple chocolate filled Disney version... So we start each night with a piece of chocolate, in celebration of our upcoming Disney visit.  Then we move to the big Advent house that is positioned just in front of our tree, so J can sit & stare at it for hours, in hopes that the day will pass more quickly until he can uncover his next treasure...

Then, while J is enjoying his treats, we sit and read from a Gospel to follow the Advent message.  We spend time discussing what the Gospel is saying, and how it relates to our real life. 
I've loved sharing the verses that always had such an impact on me... Some nights, I think J is absorbing it... The message on how widow gave so little, but so much in comparison to what she has, I was able to relate it well for J... The verse John 3:16, yeah, that night - I think I lost him to "what can we do next mommy?"

Sigh... At least I can say we are trying...

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