Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How does one take down a blog???

Fairly simply...

One's 3 year old breaks his nose.

Then, said child, develops pink eye & a sinus infection on the day close starts.

Then Mommy promptly falls victim to the sinus virus plague going around, bringing Daddy down with her...

And that would be my past two weeks.

If you add in a monthly close, forecast & finalization of the budget into the mix...

Counting the days till vacation for two weeks.

Counting. Counting. Counting.

As I said to J this morning... We are down to 2 ups.

But those will be with Daddy traveling to Vegas for the Honda CRV launch, so two days of just us.  Three days, two nights.  Then I will not walk through the doors of work until the New Year, and J will not go to school.

We are both so excited.

But first...

Plague - please leave...

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