Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to Reality... 2012 Edition

After 15 days of not working, 15 days of J not going to school, we are all sad today.

Days of sleeping in...

Days of Smiles... Laughter... And just plain Fun...

 Some even spent in Disney...
We are back to reality.  School for him.  Work for me. 

Anybody mention... Reality bites?

So far no tears from J, if we ignore those first expelled upon waking up at 5:25 (everyone deserves to cry just for waking up that early), and we ignore mommy's stealth moves to make today a special day to avoid tears from falling. 

Mommy, well, let's just say it is hard for her today.

Somehow, the tricks that work so well on J, are just not doing it for mommy today.  She misses her snuggles & hugs on the nice warm couch.

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