Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Gun Season

I guess I missed the memo... This year was the season of guns.

At J's birthday party, Mr. M's friend provided J with his very first gun.
A rather large gun.

And Mommy hid it.  I wasn't really bothered by it so much as he is just 3, and I thought a bit small for such a large gun.  However, upon being left in charge of a broken nose, pink eye infection, snot nosed child - Daddy uncovered such fun and decided it was time for target practice in the form of distraction from not feeling well... And so, the season of guns began.

Santa must have subconsciously known it was the season of guns, as he delivered none to J.  Or in reality decided, she just wasn't all that ready to enjoy guns with flying bullets around a child who had found he was rather good at knocking ornaments out of the tree from across the room.  Even better from up close.  Sigh.

But never fear, the M side got the memo... J received not 1 but 3 guns...

And Mommy admits, Santa may have been a bit rash in her his hesitation.

We have had so much fun, with said guns.. Starting with a bit of a 3 way gun fight at Grandmas.  J was armed with marshmallows & Uncle Jon & Daddy were armed with automatic Nerf guns.  It was no longer safe zone in Grandma's downstairs.
But laughter was abound.

And we have had just as much fun at home.  (Picture above was taken NY's Day while we were cooking the prime rib)

Payton, she has not loved getting shot at around, but when it is marshmallows, she promptly eats the evidence.

This all said, the last gun to arrive was returned to Target in exchange for a gift of J's choice... I thought having 5 guns when was only 3 was more than a bit obnoxious...

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  1. Hahaha! Just wait until this summer, when the water guns come out! ;)