Thursday, January 26, 2012

How neglectful am I?

Seriously?  How long has it been since I've made an appearance around here?  This is a sign of how truly busy & crazy I've been... And it makes me sad. 

Mr. M is at Rancho La Puerta in Baja California, Mexico this week.  He is having, based on our email & text messaging exchanges, a life changing experience.  I'm thrilled for him & cannot wait for his return to truly share all that he has experienced this week.

J & I have had a great week as well.  Thankfully, all the snow that was forecasted has converted to rain.  I'm ready for snow, but this week - I needed the rain. 

We have 2 more ups & daddy returns.  Last summer, I learned giving J a target helps him measure our scheduled nights away from home (or daddy's nights away).  He understands the time perspective so much better this way.  It's comforting for me to watch him do the countdown with me.  We even had two going on... One for how many school days he had till we could sleep in & then 1 more up till daddy comes home.  That is an extra special day because it is his last basketball game.

Speaking of last basketball game, I'm currently in a quandary... Soccer sign-ups end February 3rd.  By the first game, J will be 4, but technically he falls with the 2/3 year olds.  I spoke with the director & he agreed with me, physically J is strong enough to compete with the 4/5's, but his maturity is not consistently there yet.  Some weeks, J shows up to play.  Others... Well, let's just say he shows all the signs of leading the class, because he does lead others fairly well, into the weeds with laughter & silliness.

In other sporting news... Mr. M & I almost dropped our jaws to see the cost of t-ball for J's age.  He just makes the cut-off (turns 4 in February for the April 1 deadline).  I had to fully register him before learning of the cost.  I was shocked when I received the bill at the end for $215 for the season.  After talking it through with some other local moms, I realize this is the normal price.  Due to J's young 4 nature, I am inquiring for more information (when the practices & games will be) before we pay.  We have until Jan 31 to pay or de-register him.

My funny J moment, as I am starting to think about drafting his birthday post, since it will fall right during my busy time...

J has become a little Mr. Jekyll & Hyde.  Especially this week, with Matt being out of town.  Oye.  But it is also so cute...

He will call me into the bathroom because he HAS to tell me something, but then he'll start to actually take care of business in there & get this dark look on his face and say "Geez Mom, can I just get a moment of pride-acy".

Love him!

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  1. I count down how many "ups" I have until I can sleep in every single week! ;)