Wednesday, September 7, 2011


After a wonderful Labor Day weekend, I'm recovering.  Sigh.  Upon returning to work yesterday, I learned I lost yet another hard drive.  Thankfully there was already an order placed for a brand spanking new laptop.  I just have to survive the loaner for a few more days.

Back to working 5 day weeks now.  Not sure how it is all going to work, but I can say that getting up to make J a wholesome breakfast is doing wonders for my mental sanity.  It is helping make this transition not so horrific for me.  His smile brightens my days & gives the right start. 

Big news of our weekend:
Mr. M got locked out of the house when a storm knocked out the power & we were in Michigan.  He got to experience the local Residence Inn.  Not a fan.

J caught his first fish.  He actually caught 2, but the second one freaked him out & ended up breaking the hook.  Luckily mommy got a picture first.

Mommy got to meet her all time favorite actress & get her autograph.  She even gave me a hug & told me that she loved that "I knew of red sequins & feather boa's, before I knew of red sequins & feather boa's".  Anyone who ever watched Guiding Light would know that to be - Reva Shayne Lewis.  Kim Zimmer was so friendly and wonderful.  You can tell she is a true Michigander...

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