Monday, September 26, 2011

Grandparent's Day

I remember all the great times spent with my mom's parents for so many years (I lost my grandfather in 2002 & my grandmother in 2008) & my father's parents after my move to Chicago.  Sadly I lost my grandpa P in 2002, and my grandmother time getting to know the real person (not the grandma version) was cut short when she had a stroke right after her 95th birthday in 2004.  I was still able to spend time with her & my cousin Kristi, but not the quality telling me about my dad stories I had previously had.

As a result, it is truly important to me that J gets to spend loads of time with his grandparents.  While we never know where our health will go or where it will take us, I believe the moments he is creating now will last him a lifetime.

So one of the things I love to celebrate since he was born & I learned existed is Grandparents Day.

J's school will honor grandparents in November, but his super grandparents get honored in real time.

This year the Grandparent's Day was on Sept 11th.  We celebrated with the P side over Labor Day & M side on the weekend of...  
J had to "help" grandpa open the card.  :)

Grandma & Grandpa were delighted to receive another Outback gift card to assist on taking us out when we visit them.  My parents don't let us pay for a meal when we visit, so I love to give them these gifts, so I don't feel like such a slouch letting them pay all the time. 

And grandma loved that the card covered she was still in her jammies.
And of course, J was all about helping Grandma & Grandpa M open their gift as well.  Especially since he knew we had packed two mini peanut butter cups in the bag for them.
 Grandma M has a Peanuts clock that plays the Linus and Lucy song.  J loves that song now, and as a result, has grown to love Snoopy & Charlie Brown & crew through the books.  We are very much looking forward to sharing the Holiday stories this year with Grandma & Grandpa as we gave them the Holiday collection of stories book & a walking Mummy Snoopy to kick off the Holiday Season!

J was so cute this year, as he is getting big enough to help pick out the gifts & cards.  I wish I could capture how proud he was to have picked out the gifts this year & knew exactly that Grandma M would LOVE Snoopy.

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