Wednesday, September 28, 2011

FRA - Young Scholars - Story Time week 1

I'm not sure if I'll share all of these, but this first week left me laughing so hard, that I have to share...

Mrs. Bach, J's lead teacher, starts out a story about a particular topic & each child adds their own sentence to progress the story.

Story time: 9/9/11

Once upon a time it was a very rainy day and all of the Young Scholar Kids wanted to go out and play, however…….

Ella: The kids stayed inside and read stories.

Sofi: A ladybug crawled all over them.

Michael: The ladybug tickled us.

Jackson: Then it stopped raining.

Connor: It started raining again, so we had a snack.

Jasmine: We started to tell a story about it raining outside.

Carter: We played a cookie game next.

Angelo: The Young Scholars bumped their heads on the floor.

JoJo: We had to get icepacks for our heads.

Madison: it stopped raining and we went outside and it started raining all over again.

Jovi: We jumped in the puddles and got all wet.

Madi: The ladybug bumped her head.

Kaziem: She bumped her head on the wall.

Jacob: The ladybug splashed in the puddle and couldn’t swim.

Just then a big bird flew down and picked her up and put her in a tree where she lived happily ever after! THE END

Yes. Yes... That would be our child trying to kill off the ladybug.  The funny part was when I read this I could see J's face in this saduhohshrugohwell face I know so well when he says things that should be sad, but he doesn't quite grasp that they are sad just yet.

Love him!

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