Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays

Grandma & Grandpa P are never around for Camryn or Jacob's birthday's, as they are generally in Marco.  So as we do with Christmas, we celebrate them at odd times.  

This year, Grandma & Grandpa waited until fall to celebrate the birthdays.  
PB Kids have the most adorable sleeping bags.  J's Aunt Liz got him a blue puppy his first or second Christmas.  We LOVE it.  And I loved the idea.  So when I saw they now carry baby doll (think American Girl sized) matching sleeping bags, a plan was hatched.  We'd get the girl's the baby doll bags & some toys they were coveting for their dolls, and Grandparentals would get the matching big kid sleeping bag.
Obviously they were a total hit!  Especially since they were big enough to share.
J on the other hand, received a backpack & lunch bag to match his suitcase that he fell in love with after receiving a glow in the dark lizzard t-shirt from Grandma & Grandpa during our visit to Marco last spring.
He's so proud to carry it

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