Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fair Oaks Farm

In honor of J spending the preceeding week learning about farms at school, last Sunday we visited Fair Oaks Farm with Aunt Lizzie.  Yes, Aunt Liz has finally grown into her name as Lucy is becoming less & less when J refers to his Aunt Liz.

We started with the cow greeting us at the entry.

 J thought she was rather large, and was not to fond of meeting her.  :)

 But as we went through the exhibt, learning about how the grain is mixed, and how farmers milked cows in the olden days, J settled in & I was inspired at how well he paid attention at his age.  Below he was so focused on the talking chicken.

By the time we got the end, J was running towards the cows to take a ride.

 Of course, he was happy to slide as well.

 He & Aunt Liz worked very hard on getting the ball to roll beyond the first couple of holes.

 All activity was in preparation for our next adventure...
The milking palor!  Fair Oaks is the largest working cow farm in the United States.  We learned they ship approximately 250,000 gallons of raw milk each day.  The whole process is amazing & I'm looking forward to taking J back in the future because I think we will learn something new each time.
Plus they make their own fresh cheese.

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