Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting ready to try out for.... Blue Man Group

What?  They aren't taking casting calls for short, cute, and ambitious almost 2 year olds!?!

Hmm... Maybe someone should have informed J BEFORE he ate that marker as a teething soother an afternoon snack.

And my only thought(s)... Good thing it wasn't permanent.  Glad it happened at daycare, so Mr. M could not blame me for letting it happen.  I'm very bad at letting him be a rough & tumble boy, as long as he isn't endangering himself in any way. 

And... Oh boy, I have to get pictures of this...

Only on film, it didn't look soooo bad.  Bummer, because it was pretty cute...  Although, the extra scrubbing he got in during bath time, may cause him pause in repeating this


  1. Ha! I LOVE the things little boys get into! My best friends son figured out how to stack blocks and toys so he could get to the snack cabinet before he was even 2... ingenious! And your son is absolutely adorable!

  2. Ali~ That line you picked up on? As I was writing it I was thinking "Someone is going to point this out" and the 13 year old living inside of ME was snickering about it the entire time! Then no one said a thing, and I was SHOCKED, thinking I'm the only one with a perverse sense of humor! So glad I'm not alone!! :)

    And that recipe sounds delish, I think it's exactly what I'm going to use... A thousand thank yous!