Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Enjoying a cookie - Mommy style...

On the counter of course...

After eating a great dinner, I offered Jacob an oatmeal raisin cookie from Panera. As he was already out of his high chair, Payton promptly stuck her nose in his face & J reacted by throwing the cookie on the floor for her to devour in 2 seconds.
As Payton was inhaling, Jacob looked at me sooo innocently saying "Cookie pwwweeease".
So this time, he let me place him out of the nosey, greedy, pushy & 3x's as heavy doggie way, to enjoy his cookie in peace. Mommy loved sitting on the counter while Grandma worked in the kitchen, so I'm happy to pass this habit onto Jacob.
As for the cookie... After half of it was gone, J wanted to get down again. So I played defense against the puppy nose. Until J decided to *rest* it on the floor, against my advice mind you, when I let Payton scoop it up before J could apply the 10 second rule.
He was not happy. Oh well, maybe next time he'll listen to me when I say to rest it on the counter - not the floor. Luckily he was easily distracted by his new indoor trampoline.
Oh and sleep... While it came quickly, it was interrupted often (3 times to be exact)... So I'm thinking we may be on the rough road to getting those bottom molars. If this new routine sticks, I will share it next week...

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