Wednesday, September 24, 2014

It appears, I have an ego...

I learned yesterday, J gets grades (actual A, B, C, D type grades) in 1st grade.  And he did well.  Fantastic.

Adv. Math -     A
Social Stud -   A
Science -        A
English -         A
Reading -        B

Back in the day - this would be all O's with a S+.  Those would be marks that I could do nothing but preen with the excellence of my son.

Yet, I look at the B & I stress.  How can I help him do better?  Ugh, why didn't I know how to help him before?

My parents accepted Bs, my in-laws accepted Bs.  Bs are respectable.  Better than average. 

Why oh why is it stressing me out?  It truly bugs me that I'm thinking anything other than how thankful I am he did so well.

Then my sister-in-law was relating a story regarding my niece and said what I had not realized. 

"I needed to check my ego at the door.  She was happy.  I needed to stop myself."


That was it.  I knew how I was feeling wasn't right.  It's why I hadn't commented anything other than great job to J.  I did not want him to pick up on my stress over his B.  He is doing great.  He is working really hard and still doing marital arts 4 days a week.  He is doing great.

It's my ego & insane desire for his life to be perfect that is the problem.  He's happy.  He's learning.  These are things I need to rejoice in and celebrate.  He's a smart kid, who applies himself.  So if the school is truly doing right by him - he won't have straight As.  Therefore, mommy needs to check her ego at the door.

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