Monday, September 22, 2014

Crossroads - visit 1

I've been praying, craving, striving to find - a church that fits our family.

I'm being picky.  As called as I feel to God, I'm struggling with *needing* the Church.  However, hearing things that come from Js mouth - things I've taught him or things he should, but doesn't know - I *know* I have to find that fit.

At the recommendation of a neighbor, I checked out a Christian Reform Church in our area.  I love websites.  I was able to get the basics on the children's program, the services AND check out the sermons.

Seriously - listening to sermons online is the best thing ever.  I can be picky without anyone thinking I'm flaky.

This past weekend, I bucked up & took the plunge. 

J & I checked out the Church.

I came out thinking "Okay, I think this might actually work for me."

J came out bubbling over with JOY.  Absolute JOY.  He could not tell me what he learned, the friend he made, and can he come during the week?

He loved it.

He even asked me if I knew "God made light!"?  He was astounded to learn that I not only knew that, but I knew Adam & Eve were the first humans on Earth.

The shock & awe he has is contagious. 

We made it a big event with meeting Daddy out for dinner after the service.

Mr. M is even catching Js joy, so we may be checking out a Sunday service (as opposed to the Saturday night one we attended) soon.  Praying on this. 

Thankful we as a family are seeking the path that fits us.  Thankful God is opening our hearts.  I pray that Mr. M & I will receive the Word and Calling with the innocence of our son's heart.  The openness.  The excitement.

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