Thursday, September 25, 2014

and then I'm humbled, yet again.

This morning, as we were wrapping up reading he was simply to tired to complete last night with any chance at retaining information for his comprehension test today, I took a moment to ask J if he knew anything about report cards being published.

Hey Bud... Did Ms. B. mentioned she posted report cards?

No.  How'd I do?

Well, what would  you say if I said something other than great.

I'd be really sad.

Then I'm thrilled to tell you, you did great.  You've worked really hard and you got a B in reading and As in everything else!

Complete with a huge hug & kiss.  He rejoiced in this excitement with a double fisted pull down of YES!!!

Mr. M joined us at that point & reinforced how great J did.  Even lightly treaded over knowing J struggles with reading - so if he gets all As next time - we will figure out a special reward.  Not something to be decided today, but one we can discuss and jointly agree upon. 

Last year's reward for an A average on his spelling tests was his loft bed he got upon graduation. 

But his answer has stuck with me.  He is such a dedicated and hard worker.  I'm in awe of him so often, I realize I need to dial it back and let him motivate himself.  He obviously gets it.  At 1st grade, he gets schoolwork is important.  He realizes, that we want him to be successful at it.  He didn't want to do his reading last night or this morning, but when the alternative to doing it was going into class without me signing off on his reading sheet - he did it - happily. 

So many times I feel like I'm beating my head against a wall, but reality is - he is listening.  He is learning.  He is developing the sense of importance on things that are important to me.  Recently he has started making a big deal about getting and hold the door open for me as we enter or exit a place. 

As with other things in my life, I need to cast my worries to the Lord in regards to parenting.  Why I seem to think I can control anything on my own, is beyond me at this moment.  I've proven time and again, we I am in charge, instead of letting God drive - everything is worse.  Thankfully, He has the power to intervene and generally forces me back into his loving comfort before I can cause permanent damage.

And today, I believe He was opening my eyes in regards to parenting J. 

1 Peter 5:7
Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

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