Monday, September 29, 2014

Catching a glimpse into his teenage years

This weekend was a busy one for us.  Monkey had two birthday parties.  First one was an old friend from FRA.  It was so nice to get to see our old friends.  Moms got to catch up, something that there never seems to be enough time for in day to day life.

Due to the first party, we attended Sunday Service, and again - J loved it.  He came out singing "In the beginning, in the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth".  On our walk to the car, he is bubbling over with JOY.  Another couple overhears him as his excitedly tells me how during the Q&A section of his class, he got tell he knew God created Eve from the rib of Adam.  The couple giggled at his excitement & said "He's got that one!"  He is such a sponge, because in all honesty, it was a message I had just told him last week when he was asking me who were the first humans on earth. 

The second was for a new classmate.  I was excited to get to meet new moms, and while J was over the moon having a great time - I have to be honest Mommy didn't really get to meet anyone beyond the new classmate's mom.  She was super sweet, but having been in her shoes - I understand - her priority was hosting the party. 

On the flip side, by mommy having no one to chat with, she got to watch J without distraction.  It was in this time, I caught a glimpse of him as he will hopefully be in his teen years.

Happy, laughing, being the center of it all - and the object of a beautiful little girl's affection.  Chloe was her name.  And she sat behind J on the bleachers, wrapped her arms loosely around his shoulders and pulled him back so his head was resting on her stomach.  Would be such a natural thing to witness, if he were 15, but at six and half it was heart-wrenching.  I'm not ready to give up his innocence.

Chloe's mom & I had a commiserating laugh over this siting later when I caught her & shared what I saw.  Bless my heart was her response.  I assured her - J still believes he has to be 30 to kiss a girl, but that we can discuss when he's 18.  Truly - if I make it till he's 10, I'll be thrilled. 

More importantly, I want to keep the openness to communicate.  Right now, in the dark as we are snuggling before bed after prayers, he will talk to me.  I hope we always keep that.  It's probably the number 1 reason I make a point to snuggle him every night possible. 

One day, he will not want these snuggles. I hope - even then - he will talk to me as he does today.

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