Monday, May 21, 2012

Mother's Day

Whether you are a mom, have a mom, or just know a mom, I hope you had a delightful Mother's Day.  It was beautiful here in Chicago.

We celebrated Mother's Day a little different this year, as Matt's brother and future sister-in-law wanted us to celebrate together with both immediate families.  The neutral location chosen was a White Sox game.  With our connections, the couple reserved a box for us, that allowed the kiddos to have some room to move & play.  It allowed (encouraged even) us all to breathe & mingle in a way the stands would never have permitted.

J will be the ring bearer, in addition to the bride's niece & nephew.  This will be his second wedding this summer, but definately the one with a more serious tone, as my best friend from high school's will be in her dad's back yard...

Exciting times, and it was such a pleasure to spend the day getting to know them.  The kids had a blast, which is always delightful.

Knowing how crazy Sunday would be, Matt had my flowers sent on Saturday.  Such a lovely surprise. 
Although, J was rather distressed that they were mine, and the balloon was mine.  He was quite certain they were his.  He may have even screamed suggested "Mommy, you have to share!!!!"
These pictures were taken today, if that tells you how beautiful they were a week ago.

I'm many things, a daughter, wife, mother, employee, etc, etc, but the title I love most, the one I take the most pride in is "Mommy".

Thank you Matt for making me a mom & Jacob for being such a wonderful child.  You are so special, we only needed one to be complete.  We are so blessed.

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