Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How do you make a Working Mom's heart soar?

I've been really bummed, as last week was super busy & I missed bedtime a few nights.  One of those nights was J's tball game.  This bothered me a lot.  I mean, tears, angry words, painful hating the fact I carry our insurance, a must have in today's world with my psoriasis kind of week.

The only bright spot was I was able to come late to work on Friday & enjoy Muffins with Mom at J's school.

Which was very delightful & fun, and I would not miss that for the world, but that is not how my heart was sent soaring last night.  Being last night was Tuesday, and Muffins with Mom was Friday.  Small point, I get it.

No, you make a working mom's heart soar when you approach her at tball practice to inquire if the person with J on Tuesday was in fact his after school nanny.  After learning, it was in fact Miss Cheryl, you proceed to RAVE about her.  Rave at how awesome she was with Jacob.  Rave on how well she related to him.  How well he related to her.  How well she fit in a seamless transition to my being there.  How she redirected him similarly to if I was at the game.  Being right there after the game to congratulate him.

I cannot say enough how thankful I am to have found Miss Cheryl last Spring to join our family this past fall. 

After practice, I was looking at the flower arrangement J & Matt sent me for Mother's Day and recalling the last flower arrangement Matt sent me was the day we interviewed each other for this role she would accept to play in our lives.  Our wedding anniversary is May 25th, and Matt had sent a beautiful arrangement in celebration of that date.  It arrived while J & I were at a birthday party for a friend of his, and was a delightful surprise opening to our interview.

Our lives have all changed since that Spring day last year, and I know without a doubt, I would not have emotionally survived these changes if it were not for the complete confidence I have in Cheryl.  Thank you for all you do!!!

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