Thursday, May 17, 2012

If I'm not odd, then I'm the mean mom

Tonight, as J & I enjoyed a taco dinner, I sat amazed by some of my neighbors. A complete 180 from Tuesday night's appreciation of another neighbor.

The kids next door are in middle school, super well behaved & simply great with J. They are helpful & community focused. Goals to follow, as I mother Jacob.

Tonight, however, the kiddos around J's age were all out & they all congregated at our neighbors swing set. Only, our neighbor was not apart of the mix. I.was.shocked.

Maybe it is because J is my only, or maybe because I grew up in the boonies, but I cannot imagine just turning my kid loose on the neighborhood. He is a great kid, but he is only 4. He still thinks playing in the street is the best thing since sliced bread because we tell him no. He would bee line for those swings as well, but instead Miss Cheryl, Matt & I all reiterate how inappropriate it is for him to play on the swing set when Skye is not hosting us, even though Miss Wendy has invited us to do so...

I'm not sure if I'm odd, or if I'm just setting myself up for being the mom all the kids love to hate because I know what needs to be known & J will get away with very little.

I don't want to be controlling, but involved with the goal of teaching him respect of himself, our property, and that other people deserve the same if not more respectful actions & I want for it to come naturally to him by the time he is in middle school. If I do it right, J will think I'm odd, but if not then he'll know right from wrong & believe I'm the meanest mom ever!


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