Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dating at 4? NOOOOOO!!!!

As I dropped J off at school this morning, J blindsided me.

Totally stumped me.

"Did you know Jo Jo was Michael's girlfriend?  Yep.  They are dating"

At 4?

"Um, No.  That's nice.  Let's go..."  I changed the topic and redirected so quickly, that I didn't have to address the fact a classmate had a girlfriend. 

I'm just not ready for this... Seriously not ready.


In a fun, but semi-serious tone, I emailed J's teacher to see if this was (as Miss Cheryl would ask) a *real* or *fake* story of my imaginative little boy, who slays alligators by punching them in the face.

Sadly she did not respond that it was all fake, instead she queried my knowledge of J's own fling.

A picture of the happy couple.

Thankfully, dating at 4 = being buddies and wanting to sit, play & eat together.  Oh, and hugs.  Lots & lots of hugs.

Note to self:  Reiterate repeatedly - no kissing any girls, but Mommy, Miss Cheryl & Grandma's until you are 30. 

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