Thursday, May 24, 2012

And the case of wonky email has been resolved...

Lately I've been having email issues on my phone, and it's been making me a bit nutty.  Seriously feeling like I'm losing my mind.  I'd know emails were there, but I'd go to find them and they'd be gone.  Vanished.

I knew I needed to figure it out, but that would entail actually stopping to take time to figure it out, and I just wasn't that inclined yet.

Yesterday I asked J to please grab my phone on our way out to the kitchen for breakfast & he loves to play music so when I saw him pushing buttons it did not phase me.

See where this is going?

J shows me an email from his tball game line up & position rotation and said, "This is done.  Trash."  He looked up so proud.


Sure enough, the emails I'd been 'losing' were all in my trash bin.


Glad my email issues have been resolved...

Such a little helper my Monkey.

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