Thursday, April 14, 2011

We've almost got a swimmer...

As I mentioned, J had a blast swimming while we were in Marco.  He was a bit hesitant when he first got in the pool.  This caught me by total surprise, since he was so in his own last summer in our pool.
But a neighbor of my parents was in the pool, and he caught J sucking his thumb - not sure how we are going to stop that - and asked if J was a 1 thumber or 2? 

J of course started laughing, and once laughing he became more comfortable.
He was out of his life jacket & into swimmies by day 1 and by day 8 we were spending about 10 minutes at a time swimming bare armed. He isn't quite strong enough yet, but he can float & he has the concept, so we are thinking that he will be good to go by the end of this summer. I'm guessing he is going to spend every free second in our pool... :)

He was such the performer... He had a blast making everyone laugh at his antics. 

At nap time though, he was tired.  All this swimming really took the energy out of him... I love this picture of J with my Dad.

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  1. I love watching kids learn in general... Last week, I was teaching a kid how to swim and it was exciting to watch their confidence grow and swim. What a great thing to see :)