Friday, April 15, 2011


During our trip to Marco, we took a day out to go meet Mickey & Minnie. 
It started by Mr. M asking if J would like to meet Mickey, when he was considering joining us for a long weekend.  Obviously, this was before deciding to hit Vegas with his boss for the NCAA Championship games.  Anyway, once the idea was introduced, it became a daily question:
"When I go see Grandma & Grandpa P*, I will meet Minnie, right?"

So how could I not take him?

Thankfully Grandma & Grandpa were up to the task. 

not necessarily in this order
We took a ferry ride.
We raced cars.  Grandpa braved J's driving!
We flew on Dumbo.  That is after waiting an hour to ride him...
We danced with Chip & Dale.  But we would not go meet them.
J even kissed Minnie.  How happy was my boy?
We did The Small World.
Took a break for pizza.
Did the Pirates of the Caribbean, although J spent most of this ride in my shirt.
We saw the parade.  His face doesn't show it, but he was so totally fascinated by the parade & kept telling us all the people he saw.

After going all day, we crashed.
While we walked back over to the cars to grab a McQueen ears hat for J, he totally crashed out on my dad's shoulder.  I ended up having to go to 3 stores before I found a baseball style McQueen hat, and J slept the entire time.  Grandpa was such a trouper since he carried J most of the time he wasn't walking.  That said, J did awesome about walking & going without a nap.  We only took a day and really, that was all we were could handle for a first visit.

J on the other hand, is ready to go back...

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  1. So fun! He looks just totally worn out by all the excitement! I love it!