Monday, April 4, 2011

Strep & such...

During our vacation, J complained of his tummy hurting, he had a bit of a fever & he was eating more like a dramatic 3-year-old than my growing boy...

So obviously, I blew it off.  Mostly because it was inconsistent.  Like not wanting to eat mac-n-cheese, but downing a scoop of ice cream.  Not wanting to eat dinner, but when "Simon Sez" was introduced, he gobbled it up like a pro.

When we came home, I sent him to daycare, and chopped up this eating to be a new stage.  Not fun, but a stage nonetheless.


Wednesday when I picked him up from daycare, he had a low grade fever & all he wanted for dinner was a nap.

Yes, that's right, he requested a nap.  He came home, went potty, then laid down in my bed for 2.5 hours.  Got up, requested dinner, then said he couldn't eat it because his tummy hurt - so we went back to sleep at 9, only a half hour after he woke up & slept till my alarm at 5:45.

In the morning, he was bright eyed & bushy tailed.  We showered, he ate breakfast.  Inhaled it is more accurate.  So I headed off to daycare & explained - "Low grade fever, not wanting to eat, but fine this morning" and such...

DCP chopped it up to traveling jet lag.  Then added "Although, Addi has been out all week with Strep.  It started as a fever spike, then has been real low grade.  It is all over town.  Even the high school is infested with it."

At which point, I asked, do you want me to take him home then?  She took one look at him & said "no, look at his eyes".

Which, I agreed, were very happy & healthy looking.

Unfortunately, that did not last.  By lunch, J was starting to fade, and nap time did not help.  After nap, Miss Angie offered J Doritos's & he passed. 

Yep.  Passed on Doritos's. 

By the time I got there I knew we were headed to the Dr.  So I called on the way home.

If J was greater than 101, they wanted to see him that night, otherwise I'd see them Friday at noon.

He was 101.1.  By the time we got to the office, it was 102.5.

Lesson learned:  If your child complains of tummy pains, not wanting to eat, has a low grade fever, but his ears are clear - it's most likely strep.

As a result, we had a pretty low key weekend.  He was munchkin after his nap on Saturday.  He was lounging in bed after nap watching "Duck Tails" with his new buddy Dino.

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