Thursday, April 7, 2011

My little helper...

Since it is Mr. M's 40th birthday this year, I offered to host Easter.

Okay, so maybe I just simply spoke up & broadly proclaimed "I'd host Easter, since it is two days before M's birthday"

And since learning, I may have up to 15 people in our home for this wonder celebration - I'm freaking out just a bit.

It'll be fine, right?

Anyway, after school & work yesterday, I decided I need to get started on getting the house cleaned for this party.  Scrubbing walls was key for me, since around our dinner table it looked a little bit like we've had a child.  Milk spots on our verticals, the walls, dogs splashing mud on the walls as they come in from the outside, black leather stains from Mr. M's chair falling against the wall with his coat hanging on the back, etc...

So after dinner, I asked J if he'd like to help.  And he did.  So instead of watching TV (3rd night this week we've managed to not turn the TV on & he was still happy & I was still productive - score!) we got out our Mr. Clean Eraser sponges & a bowl of semi-warm water & went to work.

The two sponges destroyed, but 3 walls & the verticals?  Clean. 
And J was such an awesome little helper!  I'll work with him any day...

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