Tuesday, April 5, 2011

T-ball Practice - Marco style...

J cannot participate in our town league until next year, however, knowing how much he loves to play in our basement - we signed him up at the YMCA for the spring season.

Yes, this is the same YMCA, where during soccer season I may have left with a screaming child who did not want to play - until it was over, then adamantly wanted to play. 

Epic meltdowns were witnessed by all.

I may have even left there in tears the last weekend to sign him up & Mr. M may have had to do those honors.

So anyway...  We missed the first week while we were in Marco.  So Grandpa & Grandma got him a T & set up to work with him on the beach.

How better to learn t-ball in the Spring, right?

J did surprise us though, he wanted Grandpa to pitch to him.  Who needs a T?
And we did have to stop often for drinks of our Kool-Aid.

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  1. I remember just LOVING t-ball when I was a kid! So much fun!