Sunday, March 6, 2011

Soccer Update

J's soccer season is coming to an end.  And sadly, it has not been all that I'd hoped for him.  He was constipated going into his second game, and then Mr. M & I left for Vegas, so it didn't really get resolved for another week after we got back. 

As a result, he really just didn't feel good.  He didn't feel like playing. 

And he really wants to stop the ball with his hands. 

This past week, it took a bit for J to play.  It was almost like he's felt so crappy that he was afraid to play for fear of feeling bad.  But we pushed through.  His team coaches were awesome.  They encouraged him to get out & play.  Let him come in & out as he needed a hug. 

I felt so bad because every time he'd come over to me, he'd say "I want to play soccer" but he just couldn't get the nerve to go play.

By the last 10 mins, he was in & doing well.  He shook hands with the opposing team & handed out treats (it was our week) like a champ.  He was so good about it.  And we talked about how next week is the last week.  He was okay with it.

Made me glad that I did sign him up for t-ball, because I really wasn't sure until that moment that signing him up was the right move.  (I seriously waited until the last possible opportunity before signing him up) We'll miss the first game with our trip to Marco, but I'm thinking of getting him a t-ball set to play with Grandpa on the beach, so Mommy can have a little R&R by the pool...

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  1. I'm glad he got back into the swing of things! And I seriously have some of the best memories from t-ball! He is going to have a blast! :)