Tuesday, March 15, 2011

J says the funniest things...

Me:  What's for dinner?

J:  Mac-n-Cheese

Me:  Not an option.  Your options are; cheese pizza, chicken, eggs or waffles.

J:  Cheese pizza will hurt my tummy.  (huh?  since when?)  Waffles!  Those won't hurt my tummy.

Me:  (under my breath) No, they're just sugar crack.

J:  No they aren't.  Rocks are for in front of the house.

J:  We'll do (eat) this & this, then we'll do that.

This & This being what J wants, and that being what Mommy wants.

J has learned the hard way, that Payton is a doggie garbage disposal...  Chapsticks, suckers, cookies, chicken, etc... Leave anything at her level - or in a method she can reach & it is pretty much gone.

J:  Mommy, put Payton outside or she'll eat my toes.

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