Monday, March 14, 2011

Scooter Days...

I don't have any pictures, as I was trying to teach J how to ride it...

But with the wonderful Spring weather "Spring Forward" has brought us, we got out his Christmas present from Aunt Kristi, Uncle Jeff, Cam's, Mall's & baby boy P (expected in June):  a scooter. 

We rode it up & down the side walk until he was really starting to get the hang of it.  He hasn't gotten the concept of putting his right foot behind his left one yet, but he was at least riding it a little bit without constant pushing off of his right foot. 

He even got going so fast he crashed & burned.  However, his rough & tumble ways had him laughing, getting up & trying again.

Naturally, it is not yet warm enough for long play outside, and runny noses had us running inside for warmth.

Thankfully, we broke out one of his birthday presents (CARS color changing station), which he sat at the kitchen counter & played with for hours.

What a fun weekend!

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