Monday, March 28, 2011

Back to Reality...

After 8 glorious days in 80+ degree weather, waking to the sounds of waves crashing on the beach & seeing the sunset over the water...

We are back.

To reality.

Brutal as it is... 40 degree highs, if we even reach that.

Obnoxious number of emails...

As for my travel worries?

Wasted effort.  J did AWESOME!!!  He traveled like a pro.  He loved being on the big airplane, and lived up every moment.  I thought he would sleep, but both ways he was just to excited to sleep. 

And Disney was a huge hit!  I'm glad we did not take more than a day, as J was so exhausted, having gone from 9 (when it opened) to 5 (when he crashed out on my Dad's shoulder) walking & riding all over the Magic Kingdom.

And of course, he got to meet Mickey & even kiss Minnie.

There were priorities.

Pictures to come...

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