Thursday, March 17, 2011

New friend...

While picking up Gatorade (have you tried the new pre-game version?  It's chuck full of vit B) for Mr. M who wasn't feeling well, J & I looked for a couple new movies.

I'm praying he travels well tonight.

Of course he picked more Barney.  More Curious George.  Duplicate Mickey.  And he would not listen to me when I said, "but you already have enough..."

I was on the search for a new Caillou (which I didn't find :( ) since that is his current favorite craze for TV time.  These half hour shows are awesome for giving me time to do laundry & dishes & cook dinner...

As we were heading towards the movie area, we passed a section of dinosaurs.  They were these little rubber guys & less than $5.  J had to have one.

As in, gave up all 3 movies I wasn't planning on buying anyway, but had in the cart until we got to where I was actually going to look for movies.

He then played the next half hour, happy as could be in the cart.  And the dinosaur carried over to a sleep buddy.  Mr. M said it was all he could do to convince J to leave his buddy at home.  As soon as we walked in the door at home, J was on the hunt for his new found friend.

So while I picked up Benji & a new Mickey, I'm hoping Mr. Dinosaur will entertain him for & ease my travel worries...

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  1. I think we're going to need some pictures of J and this new friend! ;)