Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wait - It's Christmas again? Already?

Well, not really...  We are just running a bit late this year. 
See my niece, Mallory, ended up in the P-ICU the weekend they were planning to travel to Chicago to celebrate Christmas - BEFORE Christmas.  What the Dr. thought to be a case of the croup, ended up being croup, common cold, flu... And a staph infection in her throat.

Thankfully they caught it & did what they needed to do to help her get better.  We all did a little bit of extra celebration this year knowing she was home in her bed on Christmas Eve.
As for the kids, they think it is awesome to have such an extended Christmas.  Especially considering they got the Bitty Baby they were so desperately coveting. 

Cam's may have asked why Santa didn't get her the Bitty Baby she specifically requested.

J is already having fun with his alphabet puzzle, and is constantly bugging me to open his big present a scooter.  I have it in the garage, and every night when we get home from school J's says (in total disbelief)


Like he has never seen it before & cannot believe it is in his garage.  So I'm hoping for a little warm up soon so we can test it out... 
This adorable chef hat & apron was actually for J from Santa.  Santa missed the color being pink, since it was stated no where on the outside of the box.  Since we cannot return Santa gifts, we did the next best thing - passed it on to someone who would enjoy it...

After posing for this pic, Cam's decided Mall needed to pose in it as well... She has a bit of growing to do before it will really fit.  :)

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