Saturday, January 29, 2011

Kiddie Klub - Just J

These are so pictures of J I captured while we were at the Kiddie Klub with Kristi, Cam & Mall.  I love that the are all action shots, as J is starting to not want to pose for me, unless he is in the mood... 
Right before Christmas, J started expressing a love for chapstick, that can only remind me of me as a child.  It was so well known around my family that my Grandpa B used to call & ask what kind of sugar kiss was he getting from his Alicat that day.  And the flavor was always whatever flavor of chapstick I was wearing.  Generally on a string around my neck.
Mr. M & I laugh, because even though J has a gazillion +1 of his own, he still wants to steel ours.  Only, he is not partial to ours.  The one in his hand Aunt Kristi let J borrow - to avoid the "no" meltdown.
J is very taken with Minnie these days.  It was so sweet to just sit back & listen to him talk to her.  His imagination is growing so much these days, and it is fun to see it in action like this.
J LOVES basketball.  LOVES IT!  As in, we were at our first soccer meeting last night & J saw the older boys playing basketball & melted down over our not staying to let him play.  I felt sooo bad.  So naturally, when J saw a basketball at the Klub, he was all about it.  Tossing it.  Shooting it.  Setting it down & running towards. 
Is it a shock to anyone that J loved climbing?
Yeah, didn't think so...

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