Friday, February 18, 2011

Whoops! Time has flown...

And I have been so busy...

J's birthday was Wednesday.  I worked on Friday (yes, I know, but for a good reason).  Party on Sunday. 

Monday I packed him off to Grandma M's for a "camping trip".  Payton was packed off to friends.  And I joined Mr. M at a hotel by Midway for an early morning flight.

For our own "camping trip", as per Jacob.

Ours, however, was courtesy of Mr. M's job and was located in Vegas.

Yes, sunny weather & warm temps allowed me to decompress from such preceding craziness & I feel wonderful.

But today we are back, and I'm working (so I don't have to use vacation days for those missed days -see I told you it was for a good reason). 

Grandma is dropping J off at Miss Angie's, then his stuff by home.  I will pick him & I cannot wait to hear all about his "camping trip".

Where he came up with "camping trip" we have no idea, but he was so excited we went with it...

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