Monday, February 28, 2011

Somebody's got a new room...

I still have to take pictures, but yesterday I worked my tail off to get J's new room completed... I still need to add his nightlight, which I forgot about, and I'd like to get some wall art, but for now, his crib converted toddler bed is gone.  His mass of stuffed animals have been relocated to the basement.  His books have been culled to remove the true baby ones, and the ones left have been organized.

He now has two bookshelves.  I love these!  The color is so rich & they hold so much.  I thought I'd need both for all of J's books, but I was able to use the other to stack puzzles & blocks. 

He now has a twin size bed.  Although, he kept asking for his steering wheel.  :)

And Mommy is feeling accomplished.

As for J staying in there to sleep, well, that we still have to work on... He really wanted to hang with Dad, and after working hard all day Mommy gave up at 9 & left it Mr. M.

When I was awoken at 11:30, however, I resolved the issue with putting him down.  Mr. M felt he just wasn't tired, otherwise, he'd be asleep.  Funny, how my snuggling him tight & making him realize that play time was over was all it took for him to fall asleep until 4:15... I still have to figure out how to get him over that hump when my alarm goes off.  In the dead of night, even with our split ranch, and volume so low that I've slept through it more than once, J will hear it.

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