Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Invites - 3 years old!

I'm so excited for having a real birthday party for J this year.  We often frequent the Jump Zone, so that's where we decided to have it.  We have invited 19 of his little buddies, between daycare, nieghbors, and my friends with children of the same age group (2 to 4).

We've ordered a McQueen cake & Mickey & Minnie surfing cupcakes.  McQueen as a nod to his new big boy room.  And Mickey & Minnie surfing as a nod to our upcoming beach vacation to Floridia, combined with his love of Mickey.
And by now, everyone should have received their invites.  I'm so excited for this year's invite.  I did a collage of pictures from the past year.  When I showed it to J, it was so neat watching him go through & tell me what "Jacob M*" or "Jacob Matthew M*" was doing in each of the photos. 

He has a little buddy at school named Jacob M as well, so as J was doing this I'd respond with "are you sure that's not (the other) Jacob M" and he'd respond - "NOOO.  That's Jacob Matthew M*"
I'm already looking forward to capturing a perfect pic for his thank you cards after the party...

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