Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Trick or Treat...

I was beyond excited that Halloween was on a Sunday this year.  Mr. M NEVER gets to participate, but this year he did. 

J was so excited to have Mommy & Daddy & Grandma M out & about for Trick or Treating...

I love how our neighborhood starts with the parade, then we move to playground time, then off to trick or treat.  Due to the cold temps, we actually used the playground time to run back home & eat.  I love my mom's recipe for homemade sloppy joe's.  I roasted some sweet & white potates in olive oil to go with them.  The perfect warm meal to supply us with energy for racing around the neighborhood.

Let me just say, I'll be thrilled when J starts eating what we eat.  I thought he'd love the potatoes since I'd sliced them to look like french fries, but nope.  "I can't like those, Mommy".  Sigh.

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