Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Halloween & Christmas all in one...

Grandpa P had to head back early Halloween morning, as he had plans with friends in the evening back in Michigan. 

So J donned his Mickey Costume & posed for some pictures...

Then he quickly tired of it, favoring the comfort of his sweats & t-shirt to celebrate Christmas.  My parents always get the kids something small to open that goes with their bigger gift of a savings bond.  This year my parents had said to hold J's off till Christmas, as they didn't think he was ready for it just yet.

However, after seeing J go after my camera, repeatedly, at The Shedd, my Dad suggested we let him have it.

Oh boy, was he one happy little man.  He has taken so many pictures, I have to clear the memory again.  Over the Holiday's I'll have to link it up to a PC so I may share some of his awesome photography skills.  :)

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