Friday, December 17, 2010

Adding New Traditions

On the Saturday after Thanksgiving, the first day after our tree was up, J woke to find a new visitor in our home.
One that is, but very close to Santa.
One that has been used to remind J that he better be more nice than naughty.

One who brings note to whisper in Mommy & Daddy's ear that a certain long-awaited potty-training toy was deserved, or a special movie to be shared on the big TV as a family.
One who, until he has his name, has been limited in his activities around the house, but I really want J to be apart of naming our Elf, so that will be my goal over the next summer is to talk about Mr. Elf & help J come up with the right name for him.
Until, then, we just say a proper "Thank You Mr. Elf", whenever he graces us with a special treat.

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