Monday, December 6, 2010

First Ribs & Grandpa P's birthday...

We celebrated Grandpa's birthday while he was visiting.  Knowing Grandpa's love for ribs, I happily accepted Mr. M's offer to bring home rib dinners.  J has yet to enjoy ribs with us, generally going for a sandwich instead.

However, this night (Oct 30th) he happily pushed aside his requested peanut butter sandwich in favor of half my slab of ribs.  He especially loved dunking the rib in barbecue sauce in between each bite.

Note:  Annie's Mac-n-Cheese, not a hit.  I tried that before the sandwich, and he did not like it at all.  Which surprised me, as he will eat whole grain, whole wheat pasta that is considered "low carb" at only 5g of effective carbs per serving.
Knowing we'd be celebrating Grandpa's birthday, I wanted to make him a cake.  Last year I made a Mississippi Mud Pie from scratch.  This year, however, J would not be detoured once he spotted this "Halloween" cake.

And I have to admit, it was sooo yummy. 

Grandpa cut small pieces knowing it was past someone's bedtime & didn't want the sugar to further stall it... 

I think we were all bummed, it was so good and fresh!

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