Friday, August 23, 2013

Jacob's Mistake

It's the second day of school & this was the title of an email I received from J's teacher.

His brand new teacher.

2nd day of school.

And of course, it takes the typical 2 centuries for Yahoo! to load an email here, as our reception is just so overwhelmingly not awesome.

In that time I may have questioned, Show & Tell mishap, making girls cry on the playground declaring future marriage plans (yes, this happened last year) to another little girl, a (gasp) potty accident/incident.

Oh man...It's only the 2nd day... This is not a good sign for the year.

FINALLY!  Message loaded.

"I'm sorry, I failed to order Jacob his Subway sandwich for today's lunch.  Instead of Subway, he enjoyed cereal and goldfish crackers.  I apologize for my mistake, and will be sure to place his order next time."

Oh... That's it.  My child, who would live on junk food - if permitted, got a junkier lunch than planned.  Awesome.  Relief.  Joy even.

It's the 2nd day, and we are not on the bad list for anything yet.

Even might have bought some leeway of sorts.

Life is good.

And J will be getting treated tonight for being a trooper at lunch!

We can just ignore the fact he was going to get treated anyway, as I planned to grocery shop tonight and still be home before 7, so yeah - he can think we have to go shopping to get his treat.

Sometimes *mistakes* are just hidden blessings.

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