Tuesday, August 20, 2013

1833 School

In the spirit of back to school this week, I found it pretty neat we stumbled into an impromptu visit inside a school from 1833.

During it's prime, it educated children age 4 through 13, having desks of varying sizes to fit the student mix taught inside the one room classroom.

Pot belly stove, with my former junior high science teacher and Lifeguard instructor.  Between her sister, brother-in-law, husband and herself, the school is maintained. 

at the desks

Cam's didn't want to sit with Mallz and J, so she took her picture outside. 
On the walk from grandma & grandpa's, J and Cam's traded toys... J ended up being pictured with Gizmo and Cam had Bumblebee.

J is so excited to have me upload these and get printed copies, so he can take them into his school and share with his class.

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