Thursday, August 22, 2013

1st day of school - Big K

It's back to school time... My how he has grown. 

1st day Young Scholar
1st day Junior Kindergarten
1st day Kindergarten

Current dream when he grows up:  Be a Karate Guy

aka - a karate instructor from his Mixed Martial Arts

2nd choice:  Your job Mommy. 

I do a lot with math, do you know what math is?

Of course... It is numbers and all that adding and subtracting.

(Okay... I'm impressed...)  Why?

You have Angry Birds to play with in your office.

Love it!!!

My wish for this year is for J to continue to dream big, grow leaps and bounds, and continue to amaze and dazzle me. 

His???  Be in class with Ella.

Sigh... I'd hoped the summer would quell this "I'm going to marry Ella" theme J seems to have started at the end of last year, but no.such.luck.

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