Friday, July 15, 2011

Must Share: "I Knew You Could"

I LOVE books!  I LOVE to read.  Seriously, my biggest issue with being so busy right now, no time to read.  I'm looking forward to my schedule change come fall, simply because I'm looking at keeping my wake-up time to get up & work out before work just so I can have time to read. 

So obviously, passing this on to J is one of my biggest priorities.  In May I found this book, and I just love it.

"I Knew You Could" is one of those life lessons that *seems* too old for him, but you realize - not at all.  Especially as I read through it tonight putting him to bed, he has such big changes coming, I'm glad I found it...

And best of all - it's timeless. 

So maybe one day I will be able to snuggle a "but I don't want to sleep" grandchild enjoying the same book his or her daddy loved so as a child...

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  1. I am such a sucker for childrens books... Can't wait to check this one out!