Friday, July 1, 2011

Mommy Centered - Jen Lancaster

Mommy has gotten to do a couple of mommy centered events this spring.  First was in early May (May 8th to be exact), Aunt Liz & Grandma & Grandpa M watched you... You went to the Museum of Science & Industry coming home with a plastic tractor you made yourself & are so very proud of it. 

You even pulled it out to show off to Grandma & Grandpa P when they visited in early June. 

Mommy on the other hand, spent a blissful day with Miss Kari downtown.  We watched a movie, did lunch, and best of all - got front row seats to meet Jen Lancaster.

Well, possibly passing soon-to-be Aunt Kim's ring back to Uncle Jon (as we'd been holding it for safe keeping) might have been the biggest highlight.

Seriously.  Mommy sat right.beside.Fletch.
Speaking of Fletch, we got a group picture after Jen (& Fletch) signed our books.

Then we grabbed a bite to eat & headed home. 

On the way home, I was ready to come & kidnap you back to share with you the joy I had & hear all about your day... Instead, I resisted giving you time to enjoy your grandparents & aunt for the exciting overnight.

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