Friday, October 15, 2010

Saying a winter "good-by" to Grandma P

Grandpa P is coming to celebrate Halloween with us, as I'm expecting to be working that weekend & he's going to watch little man...

But Grandma has decided old man winter is coming in to stay, so she's packing her bags and heading south.  I have to agree, waking up to a view of the Gulf and beach every day over gray skies, even if they are over a lake of water would be enticing to me as well.  Especially when accompanied by warm temps.

So the first weekend of October we packed up & headed to Michigan to visit them & say good-bye to Grandma.

Grandma & Grandpa offered to come visit, but mommy was craving Olga's. 

J is not as big of fan of Olga's as me, but then again, he's still not eating salad or an actual Olga, just a kid's grilled cheese Olga.  So he's not really able to understand why Olga's is mommy's favorite.

However, he has learned of the planes and cars he gets to drive and fly for being a good boy while we eat at Olga's.  

We even tried the Cedar Point rollar coaster, which led to a very scared little boy who was having a really hard time enjoying Mommy & Grandma cheering him on to let go & yell "Whoa!" when it went downhill.  But it was enough, to not want to get off either.

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